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“Tasker” — Invasion.”


On the densely populated planet-M, cheeky eleven-year-old Samdan practices an age-old alchemic science called tasking—he uses his mind to manipulate atomic structure. As his uncanny ability makes him an outlaw, a threat to Tanom Sar, the corporate leader of the planet, Samdan’s parents send him far away, to a place where the corporate board will never find him.

Six years later, in present day Los Angeles, teen orphan Jack Paige carries bugs outside rather than stomp on them; he climbs lofty trees to rescue wayward kittens; he’s plagued by recurring dreams.  Tonight he’ll find himself in a heap of trouble. Assassins will try to kill him; the local police will say he’s a murderer; secret agents will claim he’s America’s most dangerous, and even Shane, his best buddy, will doubt him because Jack will try to convince him that he’s really Samdan, sent to Earth six years ago from a dying world called Planet-M, where the ruler, a corporate thug named Tanom Sar, is drumming up plans to invade Earth.

Two worlds on the verge of colliding. One lost soul might be able to save both.  Jack/ Samdan is not a superhero, nevertheless, as a tasker he is unique.  But after living six years on Earth, Jack has forgotten almost everything a practicing tasker needs to know. 

War.  Resistance. Alchemy.  Destiny. They want him dead but if Jack/ Samdan can believe, hope might exist.

Kauai Video Productions


A Carter Benwall novel.  © David Marsh 2019


David Marsh AKA Carter Benwall.



Stuck in a loveless marriage, and having met the woman of his dreams, Herbie Forest decides it’s time to get divorced. 

Too bad Death sends him a shocking curveball. Martin the ghost knows he’s dead because he can chat with him. Herbie’s wife knows he’s dead because she murdered him. But Turnik the angel isn’t so sure because Herbie is one of those rare cases; he was already out of his body at the moment of slaughter, so technically he’s neither dead or alive. He just doesn’t have a body. 

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