“ILLUMINANT” Copyright © February 2020 David Marsh

A downtrodden thirteen-year-old befriends an unearthly being.

After his single parent mother dies, thirteen-year-old Aubrey and his younger sister are shipped off to the Oregon coast to live with their estranged grandmother. She’s an overly protective woman who lives life with a rule book.  Aubrey feel like a prisoner until one day he hears a strange voice. At first terrified, Aubrey soon comes to grip with the possibility that he’s telepathically connected to something or someone. Deciding to follow the voice’s instructions, he goes to a remote seaside cave where he comes face to face with an angel, of sorts. Her name is Ko. She’s coy. As luminous as light. Twelve feet long and over two thousand years old.

Ko tells Aubrey that he’s the first human to ever listen to her. A  “besties” she wants to show him a  world far beneath the sea floor. She says she’ll keep him safe and teach him how to master his sixth sense. In exchange, she wants to know Human. But he must keep it a secret.

But how could Aubrey know that there’s a secret society that’s been hunting Ko for generations, that they are fanatical group who will stop at nothing, murder included, to keep the world from knowing who Ko really is and what she’s capable of? And how could he know that they are already watching him?

David Marsh
Kauai Video Productions

A lonely teen discovers an entirely new species that is at least as intelligent as Man, maybe more so.


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