The Genesis Engine

“The Tasker – Book 2 – The Genesis Engine”  Copyright © February 2020 David Marsh

The war is over. The human invaders from the other world took just twenty-one days to obtain global surrender. Now Earth is at peace, they say. There will be no more wars. No more borders. No more poverty. Criminality and hate and bigotry will not be tolerated.  Many believe the invaders, known as Vatics, are humans of higher consciousness.  

But on the Vatic world known as M, trillions of light years distant, Earth’s future lies in the hands of three lost warriors: Quillion, the barmy scientist who’d inadvertently discovered the interdimensional corridor to Earth and wishes he hadn’t;  Jack, a seventeen-year-old protégé tasker who can manipulate atomic structure at will and knows Earth as home.  And Jaewil, a fiery teenage techfettle, an Einstein of gadgetry,  born on M but an Earth girl at heart; she’ll  do anything to stay at Jack’s side.  Together, they must brave the hardship of the dying planet’s scorched desert, defend themselves against black lightning, hurricane-force winds, and desperados who will eat anything, while they seek out the underhaven rebels who can help them defeat the deceitful vatic rulers of M and take back Earth for the people of Earth.

“The Tasker” is a YA trilogy that unfolds on two worlds, present day Earth and a planet known as M, as seventeen-year-old Jack Paige from Los Angeles California learns that he’s really Samdan, born on M, and destined to save both world from the grips of a sinister corporation run by a power-grabbing egomaniac.


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